How pillows elevate a space

How to use pillows to elevate your spaces

Pillows are some of my favorite accessories for residential spaces.  I am a huge fan of them.  They are really easy to swap in and out and can be an inexpensive way to give new light to your space.  They can add a bunch of texture and depth with their fabric patterns, colors, weaves, etc.

My biggest rule of thumb is to ALWAYS ditch the pillows that come with your sofas and chairs… they are not adding to your aesthetic or your space.  Think about those pictures on Instagram or in magazines that you love.  The pillows that you see in those spaces almost never come with the couch or chair itself.  There was a breath of life that came into those spaces via some custom pillows.

I personally love using pillows that aren’t super matchy matchy.  This works for me, and I know it doesn’t work for everyone.  It is always a conversation I have with my clients.  Some people are on my team and say let’s go with it.  Others, prefer a theme or something that seems like it goes together.  The takeaway here is that you can’t go wrong.

Pillows are a great place to be bold and experiment.  You can add contrast with different patterns, colors, and/or textures.  If you prefer something a little less bold, you can explore with textures and colors that are more traditionally known to go together.  This still gives you the benefit of adding some depth and dimension via different textures and weaves of fabric.  There is nothing wrong with thinking of colors that traditionally go together or are pleasing to your eye.

The fun thing about interior design is that it’s a place to showcase your unique personality.  There are rules with interior design of course… and sometimes rules are meant to be broken.  You want your space to reflect you and your personality as well as how you live.  Pillows are a great way to breath some life, freshness, and interest into your space.