How to choose a paint color

How to choose the perfect paint color?

Usually, we have a sense of a color that we want.  Whether that’s a neutral like a cream, white, or gray, something colorful…. That can be the easy part.  Maybe your favorite blog or design magazine gave you some of their favorite colors.  The next step is testing out the color in your actual space.  

Once you have your color scheme or a few options of colors, the best thing to do is to get samples at the paint store.  Take the sample home and actually paint it on a piece of white paper and let it dry.  Make sure you do two coats as this is what is going to end up on your walls.  Once it is fully dry, and you have two coats, hold it up to the wall you want to paint.  Hold it up in different spots.  Do it in different lighting, at different times of day, etc.  Look at it in the morning, afternoon, and evening.  Try it with the lights on and off.  If you can, try a cloudy day vs a sunny day.  Open your blinds or curtains and let the natural light come in.  Try it with your blinds or curtains closed.  You want to explore as many variables as reasonably possible.

By testing the colors this way, you will figure out what will work and what won’t in your space.  Don’t be surprised if the color your favorite design magazine says is the best doesn’t work in your space.  For those of you that live in the desert, you may see that our desert light turns things green.  You can have a white, cream, gray, etc. and they can all read green in our light.

The best thing to do is practice patience and not rush your decision.  By testing paint prior to actually painting your walls, you can avoid what can be a very costly and disappointing mistake.