How do we stay on budget for the project?

Prior to entering into an agreement to work together, we will have a discussion about budget.  I know this is uncomfortable for people especially as you may be meeting me for the first time.  It’s really an important discussion however because we both need to determine if we’re realistic for each other.  

We will agree to a scope of work for my involvement on the project as well as a budget that will be allotted to the project.  This is where my Corporate Management background comes in handy… I love spreadsheets!  I create a spreadsheet for each of my projects wherein I have it outlined how much the budget is for every aspect of the project.  I update it regularly and make the tough decisions on what to put where so that we stay on budget.  

Prior to getting approval and payment for any items, I make sure that I am staying in line with our agreed-upon budget.  When I present items to you with my design scheme, your budget is taken into consideration and conformed to.  My biggest regret would be showing you something that is beyond your means that you fall in love with and can’t have.  The rest of the project would be soured for you and for me.  I would have an unhappy client and that is not what I got in this business for.

As the project moves forward, I use software that my clients get an invite to so they can see just how much they have spent, how much things cost, etc. at all times.  

Some of the beauty of using park21 design is that I have the resources, the expertise, and the knowledge to help make decisions about where to splurge and where to cut back a little.  Of course, there are times where clients will say let’s blow the budget and go with something fancier and that’s great!  Open communication is really key here.