There are standards with interior design with regards to lighting and how high to hang them. This isn’t always right however.

How High to Hang Kitchen and Dining Room Lights



I find what gets people stuck with art is the size of art to buy.  Don’t forget that some of the smaller pieces that you may really fall in love with can also work.  The art doesn’t have to necessarily match the size of the walls.  I’m a big fan of using smaller pieces throughout […]

Art… Part 2



Art on your walls can be a great way to express your style, document your travels, add some interest to your walls/room, etc.  I for one love to shop for art when I’m on vacation.  I feel like when I’m visiting a different spot, maybe there will be an artist that I haven’t heard of […]

Art… Part 1



Pillows are some of my favorite accessories for residential spaces.  I am a huge fan of them.  They are really easy to swap in and out and can be an inexpensive way to give new light to your space.  They can add a bunch of texture and depth with their fabric patterns, colors, weaves, etc. […]

How to use pillows to elevate your spaces

How pillows elevate a space



Usually, we have a sense of a color that we want.  Whether that’s a neutral like a cream, white, or gray, something colorful…. That can be the easy part.  Maybe your favorite blog or design magazine gave you some of their favorite colors.  The next step is testing out the color in your actual space.   […]

How to choose the perfect paint color?

How to choose a paint color

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