Pillows are some of my favorite accessories for residential spaces.  I am a huge fan of them.  They are really easy to swap in and out and can be an inexpensive way to give new light to your space.  They can add a bunch of texture and depth with their fabric patterns, colors, weaves, etc. […]

How to use pillows to elevate your spaces

How pillows elevate a space



Usually, we have a sense of a color that we want.  Whether that’s a neutral like a cream, white, or gray, something colorful…. That can be the easy part.  Maybe your favorite blog or design magazine gave you some of their favorite colors.  The next step is testing out the color in your actual space.   […]

How to choose the perfect paint color?

How to choose a paint color



Prior to entering into an agreement to work together, we will have a discussion about budget.  I know this is uncomfortable for people especially as you may be meeting me for the first time.  It’s really an important discussion however because we both need to determine if we’re realistic for each other.   We will agree […]

How do we stay on budget for the project?

I design for the way you actually live.

I love that I get to help people like you achieve their dream spaces where they live and thrive. But my favorite part of doing this work is to help you design a space for the way that you actually live, not the way you think you should live. 

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