Art… Part 1

Art on your walls can be a great way to express your style, document your travels, add some interest to your walls/room, etc.  I for one love to shop for art when I’m on vacation.  I feel like when I’m visiting a different spot, maybe there will be an artist that I haven’t heard of yet or seen.  I may find something along the way that has a great story to it.  It can be a great reminder of experiences I had or the vacation I took.

The most important thing about buying art for your interior spaces is that you like/love it.  You don’t want to buy something that you’re really not that in to because your home, your artwork, etc, is all meant to bring you joy.  I have an art festival find that cost $50 that is still to this day a favorite for my husband and I.  It’s a dog bone and it says milk bone on it. As two dog lovers who have spent the majority of our time together having dogs, it’s a great reminder of the life we chose to lead.  When we’re older and the dogs are all gone, we’ll still have that piece that will remind us of all of the good times we had with our furry friends.

So buy the art that you love.  Find the pieces that bring you joy.  They don’t have to match.  Some of the beauty of art is that it brings a space together and can make it feel complete.  Some interest via different color ways or styles just adds to the fun.