Full Service Residential Interior Designer based in
La Quinta, CA and servicing
the surrounding cities.


My job as a designer is to help people transform their spaces so they thrive in them. The goal is to have as much of the space useable as possible. There’s no more wasting rooms that you could be using. If you are into puzzles or games, let’s make it a game room friendly space. If you like watching football or entertaining, let’s make it work for that. If you need to accommodate guests or visitors, we can make the space work for that too. There is no one size fits all for my clients. I work with you to make sure that the spaces are designed with how you live in mind.

Transform Your Space Into Your Oasis

I work with a small number of distinguished clients per year. I have a vast appreciation for color and textures and their ability to make interiors remarkable. I also have an appreciation for how people live in a space. I don't have one set style and instead prefer to design for the specific needs of you, the client. I am a graduate of Parsons School of Design. I have a background in Corporate Management. I use both my artistic and creative side as well as my business background in all my projects.

Hey I'm Emily

About Me

I've got three!

What you should know about me...

I like to use texture to transform spaces.  I feel like texture brings a space to life.


I also like to use color to transform spaces.  Whether it's with bold statements or something more subdued, color adds a lot of dimension to a space.


While there are "standards" in design, sometimes it's best to break with the mold to really make the space spectacular.


- KS

"She made our home not only more functional but also much more appealing to the eye."

Work With ME

Let’s create a home for the way that you live

Designing homes for you to thrive, feel joy, and live your best life